This is the invisible world I wander into whenever things get too big and scary to deal with out there. This is my imaginary refuge, where I am not afraid. Growing older, physical frailty, and the uncertainty of the future do not


These are the keywords I go back to from time to time, which have yet to betray me; they stir within me powerful feelings of yearning whenever I find myself longing to be back in Playa Hermosa. These are the fundamentals


We had been driving down beautiful winding roads through the forest, when a bend revealed a valley as magnificent as it was ghostly. And there stood the Fortress in the mist, standing between woods and cliffs, inaccessible, ancient and majestic.


Our vacation at Bangor Bangor was going to an end. I avoid all the details of our way back trip but you just need to read “Under the Sun of Mentaway Indonesia- The Trip” More or less everything happened in the


Do you remember Agatha Christie’s Evil under the Sun? If you never got around to reading the book, you’ll certainly have stumbled on the film, perhaps on a Monday evening in August, somewhere, on the broadcasting system. Well, in any case to