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Need I recap the previous episodes? If you are in doubt……please go back to the start and read: This is where the adventure begins. Costa Rica.

We left off at the embarkation point to the tune of unexpected twists.

Finally  holding our boarding cards we made our way towards our gate after clearing security.

After a relatively comfortable flight, with ‘compulsory’ separate seating we reached Frankfurt.

A brief stop to buy some pretzels, to calm my noisy stomach and what was supposed to be a laid back three hour wait turns into a spasmodic search for the quickest ( and cheapest of course)…way to get to Costa Rica ….

We decide to fall back on those at home…my sister first for a number of possibilities from San Josè to San Josè ( talk about getting confused..)..and then an old school friend of mine, now tour operator and proprietor of a travel agency…whose first question is: ‘am I supposed to be looking for a flight from San Josè California to San Josè Puerto Rico??’

Help, no….a hop to Puerto Rico we can do without!!!!!!

Unforgetable pretzel session

Cleared up the misunderstanding she actually comes up with a valid solution, especially from an economical point of view and suggests an AA flight San Josè (guess which one…? If you answered Bolivia go to jail) to San Josè.

So, are you paying attention? Let’s see…:

Am I talking San Josè…???


Costa Rica


Puerto Rico

Nitty-gritty-wise, we are $250.00  out of pocket but on our way with an extra 8 hours of travelling to address……


Between one (in)decision and another, a few calculations made on my calculator, a stop off at the loo and a new embarkation, we find ourselves on the way to Vancouver, with no decisions yet reached.

Life, though, is beautiful because so variable….and in any case let’s get as far away from Europe as we can so as not to make life too easy…then we’ll decide on what to do.

Obviously, my seat is right between two  fifty-year old Russian friends who have taken an aisle and window seats respectively and are snoring away contentedly…..

It might have also been the decision of one of the two to get away from her ‘bronchitis-bound’ friend who was coughing every five minutes ( believe me, I had eleven hours to time her perfectly…).

And there I was……me in-between…..a talking, snoring, sleeping, coughing person with whom to share germs..

To be continued…next stop Vancouver